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If you’ve experienced grief, loss, or change on a personal or professional level, it's easier to remain stuck than work through your pain. Your emotions are valid and need to be felt. With compassion and understanding, you can recover and regain a life that includes joy and renewed purpose again.

At M. Desmond Coaching and Consulting, we are certified by the Grief Recovery Method Institute, an evidence-based program, which offers proven tools, inspiration, and actionable steps to help individuals and groups work with their emotions through change and loss.

We support our clients and provide tools for them to navigate through change, loss and grief through 1-to-1’s, group, or corporate coaching. We offer a safe space for you to express your pain and move through stress, grief, and change. If you are ready to begin your healing, please contact us to talk about your loss and explore options to support your healing and growth.

Change Management

With interactive tools, surveys, resources, breakout sessions, and Q&A, we navigate your management team and staff through change and loss events so your company can remain productive, retain employees, and continue a strong team culture.

Crisis Management

We provide immediate grief and trauma support coaches and specialists for your business, tailored to your needs.

Grief Support

We provide support to our clients along with the tools for them to navigate through loss and grief. Consider adding us to your Employee Assistance Program and/or Health and Wellness program.

Communication Support

Learn what to say during times of change, loss, or transition. Normalize conversations, sensitive communication, and wellness in the workplace.
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Grief is commonly associated with the death of a loved one, but it’s not limited to death. We also experience grief and loss in our personal lives and work lives over many other things including loss of a meaningful relationship, job loss, company mergers, illness, or conflict in a family to name a few. No matter what is causing your grief, we are here to help. Our purpose is to guide you through your pain, help you to release that pain, and ultimately show you how to return to a better place.

Solo or in a group, we can guide you through the Grief Recovery Method® to provide you with essential tools to continue your healing, growing, and whole-hearted living. Consider us for the following reasons:


Certified Grief Recovery specialist


Certified Professional Coach


1-to-1’s, group, or corporate coaching


Increase productivity, profit, cohesion, and retention in the workplace

Our intentions are:

  • To show up for people, going through significant change and loss, as humanly and as supportively as possible.
  • To support organizations, by integrating responsive plans that build intrinsic value to acknowledge and address the changes that are happening. This first step proves to limit loss of productivity, poor performance, loss of business growth, and absence from work.

Mission: To support those who are going through hardships (of any kind) until they are back on their feet, and back into life and purpose.

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The Grief Recovery Method

Grief is universal. All of us have experienced grief throughout our lives, as a result of many changes and losses. But we are not well prepared to really handle, manage or recover from the emotional impact, which result from these changes and losses.

How do I Cope with Grief?

Loss and grief bring up feelings that we may not understand; perhaps we have not experienced to this point and learning how to navigate through these feelings is so important. Here are a few simple ways to get started in your personal process.