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We all deserve to be acknowledged and supported, especially during a time of major change and loss. Yet many are not prepared and are uncomfortable with knowing what to do or say, when to say it, or how.

At M. Desmond Coaching and Consulting, our intention is to alleviate the discomfort and fear that accompanies change and loss. We support our clients and provide tools for them to navigate through loss and grief.  Whether it’s 1-to-1’s, group, or corporate coaching, we offer a safe space for you to express your pain and move through stress, grief, and change.

Your Journey is Unique

No two people or entities experience loss in the same way. From companies dealing with corporate changes like downsizing and mergers, as well as the loss of a close staff member, to employees dealing with their own personal issues and transitions in life, we can help.

You Are Not Alone

We are here to help you move forward through significant change and loss, as smoothly and humanly as possible. We help our clients achieve:


Finding support when going through major transitions or grieving can be overwhelming and frustrating at times. Friends and family are being as supportive as they can, but sometimes you need someone who understands and is specialized in this area of work. We offer a safe, compassionate environment in which to accompany you on your journey.


Dealing with transitions or loss is a personal journey but not one that you have to face alone. In individual, group or corporate sessions, we can work together to help you relieve your pain and learn how to deal with future changes and losses as well.


When employees experience significant life events, and feel overwhelmed, they often can’t perform at peak conditions, which is normal. Offer your employees the chance to talk to someone about their concerns and struggles. Corporate grief workshops help teams feel acknowledged and supported. And when supported, they tend to come back to work more quickly and more refreshed and productive, as well.


Grief shows up in different ways at different times. The healing truly begins when we find support, in the company we work for, in our community, in our family, even in people we hardly know, but who have been through loss themselves. Our coaching services yield healthy results, lasting change, and the assistance needed to help people thrive after grief and loss.

Our Services

Discover A Variety of Programs

We provide individual coaching to help you navigate through your stress and sadness. As specialists in the Grief Recovery Method, an evidence-based program, we will help you work through unresolved grief and provide support through additional resources, to help you thrive.

Our corporate workshops for businesses offer content to equip leaders, management teams, and divisional teams with compassionate tools and resources, real-time applications, fundamental behaviors, and support that will resonate throughout your organization, especially during these times that call for humanity at its best. Our workshops for private support groups offer focus areas such as life after the loss of a family member, support for caretakers, life after divorce, what’s next after a long career layoff, and more.

While going through significant change and loss, we want your business to remain productive, focus on the business at hand, and keep with your supportive culture, while we take care of the sensitive things. Our services range from individual coaching to group workshops to communication support.

    Time doesn’t heal, but action does.

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    Why Choose Us

    Grief is commonly associated with the death of a loved one, but it’s not limited to death. We also experience grief and loss over many other things, in both the workplace and at home. We offer a safe, compassionate environment in which employees and individuals can move forward after experiencing loss.

    As Grief Recovery Specialists, we can provide corporate, individual, and group coaching to help our clients express their pain and move through their grief. You will get individual, personal, compassionate attention as you process your own grief.

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