01 May

LinkedIn Live/Live Podcast: Navigating Change and Loss in the Workplace

In this insightful episode, Kumar Dattatreyan, ICF PCC sits down with Maureen Desmond ACC, a certified grief coach and consultant who specializes in helping individuals and businesses navigate through significant change and loss. Drawing from her personal experiences with tragic losses and her own cancer journey, Maureen shares her expertise on how to compassionately support employees during difficult times. Throughout the conversation, Maureen emphasizes the importance of having a plan[…]

23 Apr

Virtual Session: The ROI of Supporting Employees Through Grief and Loss

Are you ready for the inevitable? Loss is the most common human experience. We are all going to lose someone significant, whether by a death, end of a relationship, or a business decision like downsizing. Did you know that $100B is lost each year in American business due to grief and loss between factors such as productivity and poor performance? We can show you how to avoid this financial hit[…]

03 Jun

The Grief Recovery Method

Grief is universal. All of us have experienced grief throughout our lives, as a result of many changes and losses. But we are not well prepared to really handle, manage or recover from the emotional impact, which result from these changes and losses.

03 Jun

How do I Cope with Grief?

Loss and grief bring up feelings that we may not understand; perhaps we have not experienced to this point and learning how to navigate through these feelings is so important. Here are a few simple ways to get started in your personal process.