Maureen Desmond

CEO of M. Desmond Coaching and Consulting

About Maureen Desmond

Hi, my name is Maureen and I am here to help you heal your broken heart. My journey through grief and loss is what brought me to the Grief Recovery Method, and my interest in becoming a specialist. I lost my sister and my father in my 20’s, had an aggressive cancer diagnosis in my 30’s, lost my mother to cancer in 2019, and have experienced a myriad of other major loss events. I know about grief, and I want to help others move forward through it. When I read the Grief Recovery Handbook, I finally found the grief support and guidance that made sense to me. I took the steps laid out in the book, and they had such a profound impact on me, that I decided to get my certification to become a Grief Recovery Specialist. The loss and relationship graphs were especially life changing. Now I’m excited to share the Grief Recovery Method with you. It’s an important journey towards grief recovery, both current and past.

As you can see, I personally know what it’s like to experience profound, life-changing loss. I understand how grief shows up in different ways at different times. The healing truly begins when we find support, in the company we work for, in our community, in our family, even in people we hardly know, but who have been through loss themselves.

In addition to the GRM, I’ve been navigating clients through grief and loss as a certified professional coach since 2014. I currently practice in the Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland areas (DMV), and provide one-to-one and group options. I also provide the Grief Recovery Method to organizations and parents for their children in grief.