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At M. Desmond Coaching and Consulting, we specialize in “Navigating Change and Loss.” We coach individuals, groups, and companies on how to deal with consequences of change and loss. Our goal is to help companies and organizations deal with traumatic situations, including downsizings, layoffs, death, or just about anything that causes stress and grief. We work closely with both individuals and groups, supporting them through their unique journeys through change and loss.

In all of our coaching services, the relationship between us is one of mutual respect, honesty, and trust. It involves a shared commitment, openness, integrity, confidentiality, and forthright communication.  Our role is to support you and provide tools for you to navigate through change, loss, and grief.  We provide a safe space for you to express your pain and move through your grief, as if there is someone holding your hand through it. 

Our sessions are always tailored to the needs of our clients (individual and corporate). Coaching sessions are virtual and/or in -person, as applicable.  For the Grief Recovery Method programs, in-person is required.

Management Workshops for Change and Loss (Corporate Workshops)

Companies across the nation have had to pivot their business models to adapt to the changing environments.  Timely and impactful grief support content, tools, and resources, facilitated and distributed on your timeline, may be the best first step to normal for you and your business.

Management Consulting/Workshops –Topics include:

  • Recognizing Top 5 Hidden Grief Traits in the Workplace
  • How to Stay Productive through Changes 
  • “What do I say?”: Sensitive Communication 
  • Wellness and Self-Care through Grief, and more.

Individual and Group Coaching Sessions

Our individual sessions are one- to- one and tailored to you, the individual. We recommend 7, 50-minute sessions, 1x/week to start. We then evaluate where you are, and best next steps from that point. 

Group sessions run 8 weeks, 1x/week, depending on specific program. Most sessions are 1.15 hours. Minimum group size: 4. Maximum group size: 15. Groups usually begin the first week of every month.

As grief support coaches, we navigate you through the uncharted waters of change and loss, as humanly and supportively as possible.  This group session is a blend of both a support discussion through open dialogue and simple writing exercises, as well as ‘how-to’ tips and tools that I’ll share, that will clear some of the myths and misperceptions around grief, as well as add clarity to the emotions and ‘why’. Some tips and tools include:

  • Common myths around grief
  • How grief shows up in the workplace and how to sensitively manage it. 
  • Sensitive and helpful things to say (and not say) to grieving colleagues
  • Anticipatory grief and what follows

These tools are universal and can be used and shared within any situation and environment, personally and professionally. Share what you learn. Support others when you can. 

Note: Individual 1-1 sessions are also available for those who don’t want to participate in a group session.

Communication Support

Learn what to say during times of loss. Normalize conversations, sensitive communication, and wellness in the workplace. Our communication support services include tailored scripts, company-wide announcements, crisis-management, and more.


Grief rituals, also called mourning rituals, help people honor and remember the deceased, engage in self-transformation, and begin “letting go.” They might be formal, like a religious service, or informal. Rituals for letting go may involve a celebration of the bond with the deceased, which can bring positive emotions. Grief rituals that involve self-transformation help people reflect, identify negative feelings, and develop goals for the future. This can also help people process difficult emotions. The rituals we offer include ‘In honor of’ and ‘In Memory of’ Mementos, and more.

Benefits of Grief Coaching & Consulting  

At M. Desmond Coaching and Consulting, we help individuals and companies dealing with corporate changes such as job loss, job transitions, different management, merging of the companies, changes in corporate structure, and more. We also provide coaching to individuals with personal issues/transitions that can affect work and home life such as dealing with death of a loved one, illness, divorce, family disputes, and other family issues.

This specialized process provides:

Healthy Results

Our focus is to help you take the right message from your emotions. It is important to feel and move through those emotions, as you move forward with your loss.

Lasting Change

As a Grief Recovery Method Specialist, we will honor your loss, complete some of the emotional pains, to find peace and joy again. We’ll guide you to take actions that help you live again.

Support to Thrive

We will support your journey through loss and grief. We’ll listen beyond what you are saying. We will observe and encourage you to rebuild your life, but at your pace. We’ll help you work through short term energy relief behaviors, unresolved grief, and provide support through additional resources, to help you thrive.

Life Mentoring

When it comes to your career having a professional career coach at your side is a key element .

Who we help

We work with individuals, groups, and the following companies:

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