I was introduced to Maureen through a friend after the sudden, unexpected death of my youngest brother at the end of 2019. I have lived through loss and grief in my life but was unprepared for anything like this experience. After making it through the initial shock in the first couple of months following my brother’s passing, I reached out to Maureen and began talking with her once a week. At the start it was uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and a bit awkward for me to try to express what I was living through and where I needed help. But through Maureen’s patience, and because of her genuine care and counsel, we created a bond that kept these conversations going. After the first month I found my looking forward to our weekly chats, and I began to lean on her guidance and expertise in how to handle what felt like an insurmountable event in my life. The relationship I now have with Maureen Desmond was one that kept me afloat through what has been one of the most challenging times in my life and am beyond grateful to have had her as a friend and confidant in my time of need.


We lost an employee in 2021. Our staff was devastated and we knew we needed to do more than provide a 1-800 number through EAP, for support. We were referred to Maureen through a client referral. He raved about the work she had done at other companies, so we quickly followed up. Maureen not only responded immediately, she provided some very personalized group and individual support sessions for us, around the holidays, and created a most beautiful Legacy Audio for our staff to share with our colleague’s family. That was an incredible gift. We were so touched by her work and her recommendations.


I was going through a few major life events all at once. Someone referred me to Maureen’s website and I connected with her words immediately. I’ve been working with her ever since. She’s navigated me through my journey to a place where I am looking forward to each and every day again.